About Westminster Policy Conferences...

Westminster Policy Conferences is a division of Westminster Forum Projects, one of the most active and respected conference organisers in public policy.

It has been set up to utilise the company's sector-leading organisational skills, contacts and other assets to produce conferences, receptions and other events for third parties.

These are offered to the exacting standards the company's own events demand, and to carefully controlled costing.

...backed by Westminster Forum Projects

Westminster Forum Projects (WFP) organises more than 170+ major seminars a year, attracting speakers and delegates at high levels in Parliament; Whitehall; the education, legal and health professions; the business community and their advisors; third sector and community groups; academia and the reporting media.

All seminars are produced to the organisational and content standards expected by the most senior figures in public policy but still designed to be welcoming to all sections of society that are affected by the issues discussed.

The company has also built up a constantly refreshed proprietary database of more than 600,000 individuals and organisations who take an active interest across areas of public policy and business - including policymakers in the UK, Ireland and more widely in the EU.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements...

For more information about how Westminster Policy Conferences could help your organisation please contact Peter van Gelder at info@westminsterpolicyconferences.co.uk.

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